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Bad Web Backgrounds
The baddest of bad,the worst of the worst. Free backgrounds you might actually be tempted to use for your web pages. They're hypnotic,mesmerizing,and just all around butt-ugly. This blog not responsible for headaches and bleeding from the eyes. ;)

Steal This Book-by Abbie Hoffman
In nowaday terms,Steal This Webpage. The classic anarchist/hippie tome complete for your reading pleasure. A strange and thought-provoking time capsule from 1971. R.I.P.,Abbie.

Starship Dimensions
I always wondered how the USS Enterprise would scale up to the Death Star.Or the Space:1999 Eagle to the Empire State building. Everything's divided up to tens of meters,thousands of meters,etc. So you get every type of starship and space vehicle ever imagined or made,rendered in loving detail. Best cool feature:You can click and drag to contrast and compare with other ones. Much thanks to Jeff Russell.

Japanese Engrish
The subtle,the sublime,the silly. Everything you wanted to know and see about Japanese-to-English translations,and how they can go amusingly wrong. Site has probably been seen by everybody,but it's still fun. ;)

Cheesy living room picture
Made for an art installation,the most fascinating room we've ever seen,made entirely of cheese doodles...1 picture presented here,and it makes a great wallpaper...Tasty!

"One loc'd out asian going crazy.."..Great Flash page with booty shaking beats,and wild animation..the cult hero of the San Fernando Valley..Makes you want to get your mack on(!)

A net classic that just plain rocks...Jason Pfaff and his wife and friends are on a mission to go to all the Denny's in the country..A very funny slice of Americana,that,when reading it,makes you want to hit the road for the wide-open spaces...Thanks,Jason!!

The Power of 10
An absolute mindblower..You start out 10 million light-years from the Earth,and gradually get closer,until you get face to face with an individual proton in the leaf of a tree..Makes you feel humble and very took our breath away..

Nowhere Girl
A nice use of what the web has to offer..A free,continuing online comic..Well drawn,great story,and involving characters..Very nice!

The Useless Pages
C'mon,you know you want to..Don't look's drawing you in...

An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Ever wonder what Cyberspace really looked like? Now you can,thanks to many peoples' different projects..Lots of excellent graphics and interactive Cyberspace models,too!

Alisa-Chan's Cosplay page
Chicks going to conventions dressed as their favorite Anime characters...Very cool! I didn't know they got this involved..Nice costumes!

Mr. Cranky goes to the movies!
Cynical about movies nowadays? Mr. Cranky will set you straight with his caustic reviews...A real hoot,and he'll save you some bucks,too!

Erm..This one is hard to describe..everything you adjust makes a difference on how your creation reacts and moves..Hours of fun,and makes you want to take Physics class all over again..(maybe not)

Strangers in Paradise
A WAYYY cool comic book..a little funky online goodness from artist Terry Moore..we kinda know girls like this in real life...

Found Magazine
I highly recommend this one...You send them things you've found,(letters,pictures,etc.)make a little bit of social commentary about it,and they post it..Strange,sad and funny at the same time..Someone could have found something of yours!!!

Lunar Lander!
C'mon,you remember this one...sigh..when all you needed was a bunch of quarters and a saturday afternoon..Good times.. (Java game)

Anime Web Turnpike
Oooh,yeah..One of our faves for finding anything Anime..Tons of stuff to check out here..Nice layout,and hours of fun!....Rich & Jan